BluEasy 1.1

PC version: Versions are indipendent, so can run as stand-alone!...

PC version: Versions are indipendent, so can run as stand-alone! Starting the Program - Download and install Microsoft Framework 2. 0 (or later) from Microsoft web site- Install BluEasy server (PC version)- Connect bluetooth dongle (Microsoft stack) to PC- Run BluEasy- Check if you started bluetooth on your mobile phone- Click My device-Not set yet- Find your mobile phone- Was it a success?

Now you can, on World easiest way, send files from PC to mobile phone, and back! ! ! Just drag-drop file into ;Bluetooth droping zone; System Requirements BluEasy will run on computer system that meet minimum requirements.

Minimum System requirements:Hardware: Pentium II class processorOS: Windows 2000/XPRam: 64MBHard-disk free space: 30MBVideo: 1024*768,True colorsMicrosoft.

NET Framework v2. 0 or laterBluetooth dongle (Microsoft driver)Mobile phone with bluetooth connection For improved performance, we recommend: Hardware: Pentium III class processorRam: 128MB Tested configuration: - Windows 2000/XP/Vista- Microsoft Framework 2.

0or later- any mobile phone with Bluetooth connection - Linksys, Trust, MSI,. BT dongle (Microsoft driver) IMPORTANT: Bluetooth dongle with Microsoft driver means that you can use your bluetooth dongle, without previously installed any additional third-party driver that came with bt dongle.

If you can connect dongle, and install default Microsoft software automaticaly, you can use this software! Features Supported phones: Any with Bluetooth available (including PDA, pc-s,.

) Connection types: Bluetooth dongles with Microsoft working drivers only! My device: First you must set your default device (that will receive files) Receiving: Receive files from your only, or all devices in range!

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